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Mechanical Insulation's Key Estimator™

Cut estimating time in half. Avoid costly extension errors. Estimate using built-in productivity factors, or customize your own tables. Calculate base bids and alternates easily and quickly. Develop cost and bid price by section or by total job. Create an accurate bill of materials for each project. Ready to use. With minimal training, you’re up and bidding.

Designed Specifically For Industrial and Commercial Mechanical Insulation Contractors…

A Faster Way To Prepare More Accurate Estimates...

The more jobs you bid the more you win. That’s the insulation contractor securement numbers game. But, to make money at it in a competitive environment, you have to start with an accurate take-off and estimate. That’s why Comput-Ability got together with mechanical insulation contractors and created MIKE™, Mechanical Insulation’s Key Estimator. MIKE™ is a versatile, computerized management tool designed especially for the mechanical insulation contractor who wants to gain the competitive edge that comes with bidding faster, better, smarter. This state-of-the-art system was perfected by mechanical insulation contractors with the help of computer experts. They spent more than two man-years developing the original system complete and flexible enough to handle any mechanical insulation take-off, estimating, and material/labor reporting task-and do it quickly and accurately. And, in the 15 years since, the system has been enhanced and adapted to any change in both the mechanical insulation and computer industries to remain the premier estimating system for mechanical insulation estimators.

How it works...

MIKE™ is a complete mechanical insulation take-off/estimating system that uses a standard personal desktop or notebook computer, custom built specific software with optional digitizers.

MIKE™ has many takeoff options available. From using a scale and keying it directly into the system, to using a digitizer with a 'Stylus' or pen to transfer take-off data from project blueprints through the digitizer into the computer, or using electronic drawing and measuring takeoff quantities on your screen with a mouse. Takeoff is at least three times as fast and much more accurate. As you work, you see your take-off on your monitor. So you can double-check to make sure you haven’t omitted an item or accidentally entered one twice.


The system comes ready-to-use, loaded with a database containing productivity factors you can use or easily modify for each product application according to the construction environment: commercial or industrial, union or non-union, or region of the country, plus the system comes with a complete database of manufacture and fabricators pricing for all standard mechanical insulation products and accessories.
Customize your database...
The system can be customized to your specific situation. You can easily modify both labor and material estimates by total job and/or by section. This allows you to bid smarter by playing “what-if” on material prices or labor rates, applying factors for difficult job-site situations, even calculating what your competition might be bidding.
Create a complete bill of materials for each job...
You can print out a total material requirement report for purchasing-insulation, jacketing, fittings, and accessories. Or you can develop breakdowns by floor, section, or type of system, for job-site material distribution or inventory control. There’s a complete audit trail, from detail breakdown forward to total project requirements.
Create a complete labor analysis for each part of the job...
MIKE™ gives you the power to calculate man-hour requirements for each part of the job, and for the total project. You can use the standard productivities built into the database, or modify these to fit your own labor rates or job particulars.
MIKE™ makes bid alternates a breeze...
Accurate estimating of alternates to base bids is quick and easy, with just a few keystrokes. Each alternate can be reviewed individually, and/or combined with the total bid submittal. Then, MIKE™ lets you print out summary reports of the base bids plus the alternate “add-ons” of “deducts” that correspond to the secured project.
Handling large jobs? Heavy estimating workload?
Two or more MIKE™ systems can be networked or estimates can be combined from different locations. Then, when you have a really big job to estimate, you can distribute the take-off work among different estimators in an office and even if they’re thousands of miles apart and centralized the bid submittal.

Comput-Ability Puts It All Together

Now, think how MIKE™ can help you win...
  • By reducing your take-off and estimatin time.
  • By increasing the accuracy of your bids.
  • By speeding calculations of bid alternates.
  • By developing accurate bills of materials.
  • By providing complete labor cost reports.

MIKE™ gives you the time to make more sales calls-to follow more projects-to bid and secure more jobs.

You have the time to supervise jobs in progress more effectively, with MIKE™’s reports to help you.

You have the tool to increase your profitability by determining the material and labor requirements for secured contracts exactly in accordance with your bid.

That’s why we think you’ll agree…MIKE™ is the most productive estimator you can hire!

Let us prove it. For more information, please fill out the request for information form or call us (704) 717-8630.

We’ll show you just how quickly MIKE™ could pay back its cost by increasing your estimating productivity and job profitability!

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