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Interior's Key Estimator™ for...

 Structural Steel Fireproofing



I am sure you will be surprised at how specific our system is for the Structural Steel Fireproofing specialty trade. The system handles both Cementitious and Intumescent Fireproofing Materials.

Never has such a comprehensive estimating program existed for the fireproofing contractor. All the tables are included - Steel Shapes, Steel Size, UL Design Thickness Tables for major manufacturers of fireproofing products, the entire Board Feet/Lineal Feet table - all included.

And this estimating system understands the intricacies of fireproofing estimating. Restrained or Unrestrained? Half Flanged or Full Tip Thickness? Protected or Unprotected Decks? Fill flutes - yes or no? The system is built to handle all of these conditions.

IKE™ estimating software helps make project management more efficient. Bidding jobs is faster and more accurate. Complex bids are simple. Change orders and alternates are completed quickly and easily, enabling your company to increase productivity and profits.