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Job Information Manager™

Features Include:
  • Set up to four group levels of detail reporting and subtotaling. Examples of some of these groups could be: Floor, Zone, System, Specification, Work Type, etc.
  • The ability to correctly set and adjust man power loading to optimize production and job scheduling.
  • The system allows the manager to set high and low productivity thresholds that will flag them about production problems immediately, so they can take action to correct any problems or trends.
  • The ability to do manual and/or barcode scanning data entry.
  • The ability to scan and retain documents and photographs pertaining to the job.
  • The ability to do comparison analysis of multiple jobs based on up to ten different flags, Such as:
    • Building type: Schools verses Hospital verses Office Buildings
    • Industrial verses Commercial Jobs
    • By contractor
    • By foreman or superintendent
    • By job size
  • These ten different flags can be used alone or in any combination to do the comparison analysis.
  • And last but not least, the ability to see actual production on a job so you can adjust future estimated production rates.
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