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Big news from Comput-Ability, Inc.® !

MIKE™20 & VTO™6 are here.

♦  Comput-Ability® is proud to announce the release of MIKE™ version 20 (MIKE20) and Visual TakeOff® version 6 (VTO6).
  MIKE20 and VTO6 are newly rewritten and updated versions that work very similar to MIKE™ version 10 (MIKE10) and
  Visual Takeoff® version 5 (VTO5) but have loads of new features. These new systems are written in all new software which has   allowed us to bring you a more robust version of these estimating programs than ever before.

♦  All data that is currently in your MIKE10 and VTO5 databases can be copied and converted to work with MIKE20 and VTO6.
  Do note however that MIKE10 will not be able to read an estimate created in MIKE20. Also MIKE20 only works with VTO6,
  not VTO5. VTO6 only works with MIKE20.

♦  The learning curve to understand and use both of these new versions should be minimal. If you know MIKE10 and VTO5 you
  will easily transition to the new versions. We will be offering on-line training for estimators who have switched to MIKE20 and
  VTO6. In addition, both videos and documents will be available to help you through the transition to these new systems.

Upgrade Pricing Schedule*

      *  This upgrade pricing is for MIKE customers who are on support and who currently own MIKE 10 and VTO 5.

      1st license ( MIKE20 / VTO6  upgrade )  =  $1995

      2nd license ( MIKE20 / VTO6  upgrade )  =  $1735

      3rd license ( MIKE20 / VTO6  upgrade )  =  $1670

      4th license ( MIKE20 / VTO6  upgrade )  =  $1605

      5th license ( MIKE20 / VTO6  upgrade )  =  $1540

      Any more upgrade licenses after the first 5  =  $1540 each

   •  For server deployment you may have additional licensing needs.
      Please call the office for a quote.

   •  For our industrial customers who do not use VTO for take-off, a MIKE 10 to MIKE 20 upgrade is $1300.

The Link below will show what's new in MIKE™ 20 :

For information on the all new VTO6 program follow the link below:

Mechanical Insulation Key Estimator™ v20
Estimating Software
Visual TakeOff® v6
OnScreen TakeOff Software

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